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At the heart of our passion is a team of creative, experienced individuals, versed in all forms of technology and business solutions, constantly striving to produce digital solutions that are both compelling and beneficial to the community.

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About Us
“ many parents like you will save much time, money and effort  sourcing for and preparing educational materials “

What started out as casual banter among 4 childhood friends, all with many years’ worth of experience working in the digital space, slowly turned into a belief that we can, and should be creating right digital solutions that hold positive value for the community.

And thus, in 2011, our journey began in earnest.

Being parents in our thirties, the first initiative we conceived was a natural and obvious one. That is, to build an online platform that can assist parents with the teaching of their little ones.

We hit upon the idea of a web platform with multimedia capabilities, envisioning it as a tool that not only enables parents to teach more easily, but is also capable of interacting with children. To ensure that we deliver effective and quality materials, we roped in specialised personnel and educators.

In July 2013, after nearly two years of building the technology, and designing our programmes in accordance with widely recognised principles of early learning, our first online early learning product, KiddyLearn, was launched.

We hope that you and your child will enjoy using KiddyLearn. With KiddyLearn, many parents like you will save much time, money and effort  sourcing for and preparing educational materials.

Meanwhile, we are always on the move, working to improve the range and quality of our offerings  in KiddyLearn, and scouting for more opportunities to deliver other products that are useful to many an internet user like you.

Adamas Digital is currently privately owned and operates out of our head office in Singapore.

Our Products
KiddyLearn: An online learning platform
for babies and kids
Would you believe it if someone told you that your child is a genius ?

For most of us, we might think, “My child is smart enough, but genius material? Perhaps not”. If that is what you think, you could be missing out on the greatest opportunity to develop your extraordinarily intelligent child.

At KiddyLearn, what drives us is the belief that all children are born geniuses. But we have to make use of the precious window of opportunity from birth to 6 years of age to draw out the latent abilities of the brain. This is done not so much by cramming information into the child’s brain, but more by developing the capabilities of the brain. And there is no better time to tap into this potential than the first few years of life, when brain growth is at an explosive speed.

Visit KiddyLearn to know more about early learning and how we can journey with you in this adventure of a lifetime!
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